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Goal: 100 Countries Represented

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Dear Colleagues,

The World Endo initiative was launched in 2010 to enable urologists from countries that have never participated in a World Congress to attend the annual meeting. Due to the generous support of so many members of the Endourology Society, we had 93 countries attend the WorldEndo Initiative among whom there were 23 first time countries.

Our goal for the 34th WCE in Cape Town is to have half the world represented – essentially 100 countries in attendance. The World Endo initiative has already allowed us to provide an opportunity for urologists/surgeons to attend from myriad countries: Niger, Republic of Maldives, Armenia, St. Lucia, Mauritius, Jamaica, Brunei, Samoa, Republic of Moldova, Swaziland, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Benin, Greeland, Iceland, Cabo Verde, Barbados, Suriname, Madagascar, Namibia, Grenada, Uganda, Haiti, Afghanistan and the Republic of the Congo!

Your generous donation today will enable us to provide scholarships to enable urologic surgeons from many of the countries that have yet to attend a World Congress of Endourology to come, learn, and bring new ideas back to their native land. Each scholarship will require an investment of $3000; however, any amount you donate will be greatly appreciated. If you individually or perhaps a group of urologists in your group together could sponsor a scholarship of $3000, we could truly transform this year’s Congress into a meeting with significant global impact. All those individuals or practices providing a “WorldEndo” scholarship will be prominently recognized in the program book, cited at the congress, and invited to a “by invitation” only “World Endo” scholars reception. Please donate now by clicking here.

Through your philanthropy and ongoing support, our Endourology Society will continue to grow much to the benefit of urologists worldwide and the people seeking their care. We can never begin to quantitate the amount of pain and suffering on a global level that has been precluded due to the major advances that have come from the labors of the various members of the Endourology Society. To that end, it remains incumbent upon us all not only to “spread the word” but to disseminate the expertise to all hands, near and far.


Tadashi Matsuda, M.D.
President, Endourology Society