Past Awards



2016 —

Dr. h. c. mult. SYBILL STORZ CHIEF EXECUTIVE KARL STORZ GMBH & CO. KG, Tuttlingen, Germany

WCE 2016 Cape Town, South Africa Nov. 8–11, 2016

Best Basic Science Research Paper
“BRPRS2-8: Optimizing RNA Extraction of Renal Papilla Biopsy Tissue in Kidney Stone Formers: A New Methodology for Genomic Study” — K. Taguchi, M. Usawachintachit, D.T. Tzou, S. Hamamoto, B.A. Sherer, M.L. Stoller, Y. Yasui, T. Chi
United States
Contact: Marshall Stoller, M.D.:
Best Clinical Research Paper
“MP30-1: The WATER Study – A Phase III Blinded Randomized Trial of Aquablation vs. Transurethral Resection of the Prostate for the Treatment of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia” — P. Gilling, C. Roehrborn
New Zealand
Contact: Peter Gilling:
Best Innovation Paper
“MP18-6: Conventional Versus Computer Assisted Stereoscopic Ultrasound Needle Guidance for Renal Access: A Randomized Bench-Top Crossover Trial” — A. Thomas, J. Thomas, B. Mattison, B. West, D. Ruckle, M. Keheila, S. Abourbid, D. Baldwin, D. Baldwin
United States
Contact: Duane Baldwin:
Best Laparoscopy/ Robotic Paper
“MP22-10: Development and Validation of an Objective Scoring Tool for Minimally Invasive Partial Nephrectomy: Scoring for Partial Nephrectomy (SPaN)” — A Hussein, R. Abaza, C.G. Rogers, R. Boris, J. Porter, M. Allaf, K. Badani, M. Stifelman, J. Kaouk, K. Guru, D. Eun
United States
Contact: Ronney Abaza:
Best Endourology/ Stone Paper
“MP12-15: Impact of Preoperative ?-adrenergic Antagonists on Ureteral Access Sheath Insertion force and the Upper Limit of Force to Avoid Ureteral Mucosal Injury: A Randomized-Controlled Study” — K. Koo, J. Yoon, Y. Ha, B. Chung, D. Lee
Contact: Kyo Chul Koo:
Best Video
“V3-4: Robot Assisted Radical Nephrectomy and Inferior Vena Cava Thrombectomy: Surgical Technique, Perioperative and Oncologic Outcomes” — G. Simone, L. Misuraca, G. Tuderti, D. Thatcher, M. Ferriero, D. Andre Luis, F. Minisola, M. Aron, S. Guaglianone, M. Desai, I.S. Gill, M. Gallucci
Contact: Inderbir Gill:

Best Basic Science Research Paper
“MP44-11: Markers of renal injury during shock wave lithotripsy with narrow vs. wide focal zones” — RD
Honey, D Ghiculete, MA Farcas, KT Pace Canada
Best Clinical Research Paper
“MP16-15: A mobile point-of-care application for ureteral stent tracking” — JB Ziemba, L Ruiz, E Carvalhal,
BR Matlaga United States
Best Innovation Paper
“MP19-7: Analyzing multiple samples taken from the same stone at percutaneous nephrolithotomy can yield
different results” — TO Tailly, BR Nadeau, D Mikhail, D Olvera-Posada, PD Violette, J Amann, JD Denstedt,
H Razvi Belgium
Best Laparoscopy/ Robotic Paper
“MP10-11: Prospective randomized study evaluating the effect of intraperitoneal bupivacaine after laparoscopic
donor nephrectomy” — M Vijayakumar, A Jairath, A Ganpule, R Sabnis, M Desai India
Best Endourology/ Stone Paper
“MP24-11 Comparison of costs and outcomes of percutaneous nephrolithotomy based on percutaneous access”
— R Patel, K Radadia, EO Olweny, SE Elsamra United States
Best Video
“V2-7 Laser fiber and flexible ureteroscopy: the “safety distance” concept” — M Talso, E Emiliani, M
Haddad, S Mahmoud, L Berthe, M Baghdadi, E Montanari, O Traxer Italy

Best Basic Research Paper
“Nanotechnology combination therapy for renal cell carcinoma: Gold nanorods bound with tyrosine kinase
inhibitor produce synergistic treatment response when combined with laser thermal ablation in a renal
cell carcinoma animal model” — BR Lee, C Callaghan, SH Mandava, D Peralta, M Bouljihad, SD Dash,
JL Liu, MT Tarr, MM Maddox, WL Lai
Best Innovation Paper
“Evaluation of a hybrid surgical navigation system with 3D-cancer map and real-time transrectal ultrasound
image during robot-assisted radical prostatectomy” — KK Kamoi, F Hongo, Y Naya, Y Naitoh, A Iwata,
T Nakamura, K Okihara
Best Clinical Research Paper
“Urine aquaporin-1 and perilipin-2: Can novel urine markers modify biopsy algorithms for small renal
masses?” — S Figenshau, J Mobley, J Morrissey, J Song, K Figenshau, J Larson, J Vetter, S Bhayani,
E Kharasch
Best Laparoscopy & Robotics Paper
“Multi-institutional study of robotic assisted buccal mucosa graft ureteroplasty: Initial results” —
BN Armstrong, LC Zhao, Y Yamaguchi, MM Maddox, B Lee, D Eun, A Lay, J Caddedu, D Canes, M. Stifelman
Best Endourology & Stones Paper
“The Clinical Research Office of the Endourology society multicenter randomized trial of narrow band
imaging-assisted transurethral resection (TURBT) versus conventional white light assisted TURBT in
primary non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer patients: trial protocol and 1 year results” — S Naito,
F Albaga, M Babjuk, R Bryan, H Herr, M Soloway, Y Sun, L Valiquette, J de la Rosette
Best Video Awards
“Step by step flexible ureteroscopy supported with SPIES technology for conservative treatment of UTUC”
— G Giusti, S. Proietti

Best Basic Research Paper
“Development of convective water vapor therapy (STEAM) for focal therapy of prostate cancer: in-vivo
treatment and immediate radical prostatectomy.” — Christopher Dixon, Cesar Cabanas, Edwin Rijo, Christian
Huidobro, Thayne Larson, Lenox Hill Hospital, Hospital Central del IPS, Clinica La Canela, University
of Chile
Best Innovation Paper
“First In-Human Clinical Experience of a novel treatment for BPH: Imaged guided robotically-assisted
waterjet ablation of the prostate.” — Peter Gilling, Tauranga Hospital, Tauranga, New Zealand
Best Clinical Research Paper
“Native nephrectomy decreases antihypertensive medication requirements in autosomal dominant polycystic
kidney disease.” — Clinton Bahler, Ashley Shumate, Asif Sharfuddin, William Goggins, Chandru Sundaram
Indiana School of Medicine, Indiana
Best Laparoscopy & Robotics Paper
“Use of dehydrated human amniotic membrane during robot assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy in
early return of erectile function: A retrospective study.” — Sanjay Razdan, Shirin Razdan, Joseph
Johnson Miami, FL USA
Best Endourology & Stones Paper
“Thulium vaporesection of the prostate (THUVARP) and thulium vaponucleation of the prostate (THUVEP)
in patients on anticoagulant therapy: A retrospective three-centre matched-paired comparison with
short-term follow-up.” — Christopher Netch, Salvatore Buttice, Lucciano Macchione, Carlo Magno, Thomas
RW Hermann, Sophie Knipper, Andreas J Gross, Asklepios Klinik, Barmbeck, Germany
Best Video Awards
“Intraoperative periprostatic nerve action potential monitoring during robotic prostatectomy.” — Ketan
K. Badani, Ashutosh K. Tewari, Paras Singhal, Adnan Ali, Robert Leung, Brian Antonucci, Ruslan Korets,
Michael B. Rothberg, Ari Bergman, Trushar Patel, Marc B. Zimmerman, Sonny Yamasaki
“Thulium vapoenucleation of the prostate: Surgical technique from vaporization to vapoenucleation.” —
David Leavitt, Christian Tiburtius, Christopher Netsch, Zeph Okeke, Thomas Herrmann, Arthur Smith,
Andreas Gross

Best Innovation Paper
Intraoperative Optical Biopsy During Robotic-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy Using Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy:
Initial Feasibility Study Joseph Liao, Daniel Bui, Jen-Jane Liu, Kathleen Mach, Theodore Harris,
John Leppert
Best Basic Research Paper
Secreted Factors from Peritumor Adipose Tissues of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Increased the Motility
of Human ccRCC Cell Line CAKI-2 Via Enhancement of WNT Signaling Achim Lusch, Christopher Blair,
Molly Baker, Zhamshid Okhunov, Victor Huynh, Xiaolin Zi, Jaime Landman
Best Clinical Research Paper
Natural History of Small Index Lesions Identified on Multiparametric Prostate MRI: Recommendations for
Interval Imaging Follow-up — Soroush Rais-Bahrami, Baris Turkbey, Ardeshir Rastinehad, Annerleim
Walton-Diaz, Anthony Hoang, M. Minhaj Siddiqui, Lambros Stamatakis, Hong Truong, Jeffrey Nix, Srinavas
Vourganti, Kinzya Grant, Maria Merino, Bradford Wood, Peter Choyke, Peter Pinto
Best Laparoscopy/Robotic Paper
Laparoscopic Wireless Palpation Device: Preliminary Assessment of Simulated Tumor Detection in an Elastic
Modulus Aaron Benson, Christian Di Natali, Marco Beccani, Ryan Pickens, Pietro Valdastri, S. Duke
Best Endourology/Stone Paper
Optical Coupling Control in Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy: First Clinical Experience Geert Tailly
Best Video
Female Organ-Sparing Robotic Cystectomy: A Step-by-Step Anatomic Approach Alvin Goh, Andre Abreu, Miguel
Mercado, Rene Sotelo, Golena Fernandez, Monish Aron, Inderbir Gill, Mihir Desai

Best New Innovation Paper
VP02-13: An Ingenious and Useful Internal Retractor System for Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgery Toshitaka
Shin, Kazunori Iwasaki, Takeo Nomura, Fuminori Sato, Hiromitsu Mimata
Best Laparoscopy/Robotic Paper
MP08-11: Transrectal Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Nephrectomy in a Porcine Survival Model:
Comparison with Conventional Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Yong Hyun Park, Jeong Min Park, Kwang Taek
Kim, Jungbum Bae, Hyeon Hoe Kim
Best Basic Research Paper
BR01-15: Extra-Renal and Intra-Renal Autonomic Nervous System Redefined Joseph A Graversen, Jamie Wikenheiser,
Susan Kerkoutian, Achim Lusch, Corollos Abdelshehid, Reza Alipanah, Stephen Quach, Jerome P Zarraga,
Isabelle Gerbatsch, Jiaoti Huang, Jaime Landman
Best Video Award
VS16-10: Renal Transposition in Robotic Partial Nephrectomy: A Novel Technique for Excision of Upper
Pole Tumors Joshua R Kaplan, Andrew G Percy, Peter Chang, Andrew A Wagner
Best Clinical Research Paper
VP04-15: Ureteral Wall Injuries Induced by Ureteral Access Sheath During Retrograde Intra-Renal Surgery
(Prospective Evaluation) Saeed M Al Qahtani, Alexandre Thomas, Thibaut Saussez, Olivier Traxer
Best Endourology/Stone Paper
VP03-07: Prospective Randomized Study Comparing Microperc and Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery Shashikant
Mishra, Ravindra S. Sabnis, Raghuram Ganesamoni, Amit Doshi, Mahesh R. Desai

Best Video Award
Ganpule, Sanjeev Mehrotra, Ravindra B Sabnis, Mahesh R Desai, Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital,
Best Basic Research Paper
Jessica Lange, Ross Holmes, John Knight, Dean Assimos, Department of Urology, Wake Forest University
Baptist Medical Center
Best Laparoscopy/Robotic Paper
Jun Teishima, Minoru Hattori, Arisa Tatsugawa, Masanori Shibata, Kenichiro Ikeda, Keisuke Hieda,
Koichi Shoji, Katsutoshi Miyamoto, Hiroshi Masumoto, Shogo Inoue, Kanao Kobayashi, Tetsutaro Hayashi,
Minoru Kajiwara, Akio Matsubara, Hiroshima; University, Hiroshima, Japan
Best Innovation Paper
Ben_H Chew, Ryan_F Paterson, Kenneth W Clinkscales, Shalaby W Shalaby, Dirk Lange, Vancouver General
Hospital, University of British Columbia
Best Endourology/Stone Paper
LITHOTRIPSY; Kirsten Foell, R. John D?A Honey, Joshua D. Wiesenthal, Daniela Ghiculete, Michael Ordon,
Kenneth T. Pace; St. Michael?s Hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Best Clinical Research Paper
Helene U. Jung,Urological Research Center, Department of Urology, Hospital Littlebelt, University
of Southern Denmark, Fredericia, Denmark

Best Research Presentation
“Understanding Oxalate Metabolism and the Role of Oxalobacter Formigenes As a Possible Treatment” — D.
Lange, C.N. Elwood, B.H. Chew
Best Scientific Presentation
“Renal Oxygenation Measurement During Partial Nephrectomy using DLP® Hyperspectral Imaging Predicts Post-Operative
Renal Function” — M.S. Holzer, S.L. Best, N. Jackson, A. Thapa, S.A. Mir, C.J. Donnally, S. Rao,
E. Wehner, E. Livingston, J.A. Cadeddu, K.J. Zuzak.
Best Laparoscopic Presentation
“Implementation of a Systematic Approach to Reduce the Costs Associated with Robotic Assisted Radical
Prostatectomy” — B. Helfand, L. Zhao, D.A. Rebuck, J. Casey, N. Navai, R.B. Nadler
Best Endourology Presentation
“Organ Specific Radiation Dose Rate for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in a Validated Model” — M.E. Lipkin,
J.G. Mancini, M.E.M. Raymundo, D.Z. Yong, D.E. Zilberman, A. Wang, G. Toncheva, M.N. Ferrandino,
T.T. Yoshizumi, G.M. Preminger
Best Overall Paper
“Impact of Pre-Operative Warm-Up Exercises on Surgical Performance in Urology” — J. Lee, K. Kahol, D.C.
Kerbl, N. Alipanah, T.Y. Hsueh, P. Mucksavage, D.L. Pck, M.K. Louis, H.N. Winfield, E.M. McDougall

Best Research Presentation
“Registrations for Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Kidney Surgery” — H. Altamar, R. Galloway, R. Ong,
C. Glisson, S. Herrell
Best Scientific Presentation
“Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomies: A Single Surgeon Series” — I. Gill, K. Kamoi, M. Aron, R. Brandina,
A. Berger, M. Desai
Best Laparoscopic Presentation
“The Most Effective Cooling Method for Inducing Hypothermia: Comparison of 4 Different Techniques Including
a Novel Gel-Like Material” — G. Gschoeppler, E. Klippstein, A. Hacker, L. Trojan, P. Alken, M. Michel
Best Endourology Presentation
“Novel in Vitro Model For Studying Ureteral Stent-Induced Cell Injury” — D. Lange, C. Elwood, S. Seney,
K. Summers, B. Chew, P. Cadieux
Best Overall Paper
“Histotripsy of Renal VX-2 Tumor in a Rabbit Model: Feasibility” — J. Wheat, T. Hall, K. Wojno, C. Cain,
W. Roberts

Best Research Presentation
“Air-Cushion Force Sensitive Probe for Soft Tissue Investigation During Minimally Invasive Surgery” —
K. Althoefer, D. Zbyszewski, H. Liu, P. Puangmaili, B. Callacombe, D. Murphy, P. Dasgupta, L. Seneviratne
Best Scientific Presentation
“Radiation Exposure in the Acute and Short Term Management of Urolithiasis: A Multi-Institutional Review”
— M. Ferrandino, S. Pierre, A. Bagrodia, D. Zilberman
Best Laparoscopic Presentation
“Laparoscopic Experience Correlates with Different Brain Activation: An Oxygen-15 PET Study” — S. Andonian,
Y. Ma, E. Shapiro, V. Dhawan, L. Richstone, D. Eidelberg, L. Kavoussi
Best Endourology Presentation
“Flexible Robotic Ureteroscopic Laser Lithotripsy for Renal Calculi: Initial Clinical Experience” — M.
Desai, R. Grover, M. Aron, G-P Haber, A. Ganpule, A. Berger
Best Overall Paper
“Single Port Laparoscopic Surgery: Cumulative Experience with the First 50 Cases” — W. White, R.K. Goel,
J.H. Kaouk

Best Research Presentation
“Individualized Medicine for Renal Cell Carcinoma: Establishment of Primary Cell Line Culture from Surgical
Speciments” — F. Kim, A. Campagna, L. Khandrika, A. van Bokhoven, S. Koul, S. Byun, H. Koul
Best Scientific Presentation
“Isoproterenol Irrigation During Ureterorenoscopy: Effects on Cardiovascular System and Pelvic Pressure”
— H. Jung, J. S. Jacobsen, P. Frimodt-Moeller, P.J. Osther
Best Laparoscopic Presentation
“884 Cases Report of Retroperitoneal Adrenalectomy: 10 Year Experience of One Center in China” — C. Yu,
Q.S. Peng, W. RongPei
Best Endourology Presentation
“Structural and Compositional Stone Analysis Using Coherence-Scatter Computer Tomography: Early Results
Using a Novel Technique” — G. Wignall, J. Denstedt, I. Cunningham
Best Overall Paper
“Scarless Nephrectomy by NOTES” — E. Lima, C. Rolanda, L. Osorio, J. Pego, T. Henriques-Coelho, D. Silva,
J. Carvalho, J. Correia-Pinto

Mrs. Sybill Storz designed the Endourology Society Award for Lifetime Vision and Achievement in Endourology. The award consists of a telescope looped in the first part of a surgical knot mounted on a rock, emblematic of the combination of rigid and flexible endoscopy for the treatment of urolithiasis. In spite of the loop in the apparently “rigid” telescope, due to the fiberoptic technology, a clear image is presented to the viewer. This award, which is accompanied by a generous honorarium, may be awarded annually to a senior endourologist whose lifetime contributions have had a major impact on the field of Endourology.


2017 — Elspeth McDougall, M.D.

2016 — Seiji Naito, M.D.

2015 — Gopal H. Badlani, M.D.

2014 — Mahesh Desai, M.D.

2013 — Arthur D. Smith, M.D.

2012 — Paul Van Cangh, M.D.

2011 — Yoshinari Ono, M.D., Ph.D.

2010 — Demetrius Bagley, M.D.

2009 — Peter Alken, M.D.

2008 — Keonig Tatt Foo, M.D.

2007 — Christian Chaussy, M.D.

2006 — Joseph Segura, M.D.

2005 — Alain LeDuc, M.D.

2004 — Hiroshi Tazaki, M.D.

2003 — Michael Marberger, M.D.

2002 — Edward Lyon, M.D.

2001 — Yoshio Aso, M.D.

2000 — Ferdinand Eisenberger, M.D.

1999 — Ralph Clayman, M.D.

Mr. Jerry French and Mr. Walter Ryan of Cook Urological, Inc. designed the “Arthur Award” in honor of Dr. Arthur Smith. The illuminated and beautifully illustrated glass block award is presented to a urologist who is within 10 years of completing residency or fellowship and who has already achieved distinction through myriad contributions to the field of Endourology in research and teaching. The only exception to this rule was the presentation of the first award to Dr. Smith in recognition of his establishment of the Endourology Society, his clinical contributions to the field, his training of numerous fellows, and his ongoing support of the society and its Journal throughout the past two decades. The award is given annually.


2017 — Benjamin Canales, M.D.

2016 — Alberto Breda, M.D.

2015 — Robert Sweet, M.D.

2014 — Brian Matlaga, M.D.

2013 — Thomas Knoll, M.D.

2012 — Mihir Desai, M.D.

2011 — Matthew Gettman, M.D.

2010 — Olivier Traxer, M.D.

2009 — Evangelos Liatsikos, M.D.

2008 — Benjamin R. Lee, M.D.

2007 — Manoj Monga, M.D.

2006 — Maurice Stephen Michel, M.D.

2005 — Jaime Landman, M.D.

2004 — Arthur D. Smith, M.D.


2017 — James Lingeman, M.D.

2016 — R. John Honey, M.D.

2015 — Jens Rassweiler, M.D.

2014 — Louis Kavoussi, M.D.

2013 — Dean Assimos, M.D.

2012 — Elspeth McDougall, M.D.

2011 — Ralph Clayman, M.D.

Criteria of Award Winner:

  1. Number of papers submitted for the past 3 years
  2. Total publications in endourology and lap/robotics
  3. Total certified fellows
  4. Total citations in endourology and lap/robotics
  5. Number of grants in endourology and lap/robotics
  6. Essay Contest track record of mentor and fellows
  7. Track record * academically
  8. Must be a member of the Society
  9. Must currently be or have been a Program Director of an Endourology Society Recognized fellowship.

This award is presented by the Endourology Society to individuals in industry and the company they represent who have promoted Endourology worldwide through product development, support of the society’s foreign fellows program, aided the international distribution of the Journal of Endourology, and/or provided grants in aid for the annual World Congress meeting. The Endourology Society is ever cognizant that the strong partnership of industry and the society is very much responsible for the growth and dissemination of Endourology. The award may be given annually.


2017 — Vancouver — Ben Chew, M.D.

2016 — Durban, South Africa — Marius Conradie, M.D.

2015 — London, England — Abhay Rane, M.D.

2014 — Taipei, Taiwan — Allen Chiu, M.D.


2016 — Lee Sullivan (Boston Scientific Corp.)

2015 — Reinhard Zentner (Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe)

2014 — Ali Amiri (Karl Storz Endoscopy)

2013 — Michael Lerch (Dornier)

2012 — Koji Shimomura (Olympus Corp)

2010 — Walter Ryan (Cook Medical)

2009 — Kirsten Wyzanski (Boston Scientific Corp)

2008 — Sandra Tilden (GYRUS ACMI)

2007 — Marty Emerson (AMS)

2006 — Hans-Joachim Winter (Olympus Corp)

2005 — Evan Brasington (Boston Scientific Corp)

2004 — Gerald French (Cook Urological)

2003 — Connie Padden (Karl Storz Endoscopy), Anne Marie Crownfield (Karl Storz Endoscopy), Mary Froelich (ACMI)

2002 — Sybill Storz (Karl Storz Endoscopy)

2001 — John Abele (Boston Scientific)

1998 — Bob Quint (ACMI), Frederick Roemer (Cook)View the members of our Executive Committee, Board of Directors, the ByLaws Committee, Website Committee, Awards Committee, Fellowship Committee, Education Committee by clicking hereUpcoming Conferences:

This award was created with the intent to recognize annually the Fellowship Program Director and Program which best fulfills the mission of the Endourology Society towards its academic purpose.


2017 — Jihad Kaouk, M.D.

2016 — Evangelos Liatsikos, M.D.

2015 — J. Stuart Wolf, M.D.

Criteria of Award Winner:

  1. Only 2 year fellowship programs are eligible. The decision will be based on the work of a specific graduating fellow over two years.