Endourology Course Certification Application

Dear Colleagues,

Recently, the Executive Board of the Endourological Society established the “Training Site Committee”, whose primary goal is to ensure that “an Endourological Society-sponsored course should provide the Urologist with relevant, effective education that meets their learning and practice needs”. The committee has recently finalized the process allowing Endourology and Lap/Robotics courses to be certified through the Society. The Training Site Committee review will allow standardization of all Endourology, Laparoscopy and Robotic courses around the world. Approval by the committee would allow the Course to carry the Endourological Society’s Logo, and announcements for the Course would be posted on the Society’s website.

Click here to view the Training Site Committee’s criteria prior to submitting your application.

We encourage Course Directors to electronically submit their applications for their courses to our committee. Online Training Course Certification Application

The course curriculum and course faculty will be reviewed by the Committee to verify that they meet Society standards. Please note that after a Society approved course has been completed, the Training Site Committee will review all course and faculty evaluations to assess the quality of the course venue, the skills taught and the teaching ability of each faculty member.

The Training Site Committee of the Endourological Society was established to ensure relevant and effective education for all participants of Society-sponsored courses. Please contact Drs. Sotelo or Preminger if you have any questions or comments regarding this process.

Glenn Preminger, M.D.
René Sotelo, M.D.
Endourology Society Training Site Committee


Course Certification Application