Criteria for Society – Approved Endourology Courses

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Criteria for Society – Approved Endourology Courses

This document contains criteria that the Endourological Society would utilize to approve a particular course, allowing the Course to carry the Endourological Society’s logo. These approved courses will also be posted on the Society’s website. The criteria would be applied to both Endourology, as well as the Laparoscopic / Robotic courses.

Guiding Principles:
An Endourological Society-sponsored course should provide the Urologist with relevant, effective education that meets their learning and practice needs.

  1. The Course should be free of commercial bias
    1. Financial disclosures of course participants must be disclosed
    2. Aggressive marketing of products is discouraged
  2. The Course should be based on valid content
  3. The Course organizers and faculty should disclose any conflict of interest

Prior to Endourological Society approval, the Training Site Committee must:

  1. Review the course curriculum to verify it meets Society standards
  2. Review the course faculty and their disclosures
  3. Review the course and faculty evaluations to ensure that the course content is valid, useful and free of commercial bias

Following an Endourological Society approved course, the Training Site Committee must review faculty evaluations to assess the quality of each faculty member’s:

  1. Lecture contents
  2. Audiovisual materials
  3. Interaction with course participants
  4. Freedom from commercial bias