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The Brady Urological Institute of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions offers a highly specialized and comprehensive fellowship training program in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Urological Surgery. This program is unique in that fellows are exposed to aspects of minimally invasive urology.

The fellowship is a two-year program with integrated clinical and research components. The program is based at two campuses of the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, both located in Baltimore, Maryland. The fellow is appointed as a faculty member with title of Instructor in Urology with full hospital admitting and operative privileges, allowing the fellow to gain surgical autonomy and develop experience in resident education.

The fellowship is structured to train individuals interested in pursuing a career in academia.

Core Faculty

Mohamad E. Allaf, M.D.

MEA Endowed Professor of Urology, Oncology, and Biomedical Engineering
Vice Chairman, Department of Urology
Director of Adult Urology
Director, Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery

Brian R. Matlaga, M.D., M.P.H.

The Stephens Professor of Urology
Director, The Stephens Center for Stone Disease
Director of Ambulatory Care
Regional Director of Community Urology

Michael A. Gorin, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Urology, Oncology, and Radiology
Director, Urology Clinical Trials

Areas of Surgical and Research Training

  • Robotics
    • Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy
    • Robotic Assisted Partial Nephrectomy
    • Robotic Assisted Pyeloplasty
    • Robotic Assisted Adrenalectomy
    • Robotic Assisted Radical Cystectomy
  • Laparoscopy
    • Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy
    • Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy
    • Laparoscopic Simple Nephrectomy
    • Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty
    • Laparoscopic Renal Cyst Ablation
    • Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection
  • Percutaneous Image Guided Surgery
    • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
    • Percutaneous Renal Tumor Ablation
  • Ureteroscopy
  • Ultrasound-Guided Shock Wave Lithotripsy
  • Prostate Cryoablation
  • Transperineal Prostate Biopsy


Former Fellows


Year Fellow Current Practice
1993-1994 Robert Moore, M.D. Baylor University, Houston, TX
1994-1995 John Adams, M.D. Community practice in South Carolina
1995-1996 Timothy Averch, M.D. Palmetto Health-University of South Carolina Medical Group, Columbia, SC
1996-1997 Roland Chen, M.D. Community practice in Nevada
1997-1998 Jay Bishoff, M.D. Community practice in Utah
1998-1999 Michael Fabrizio, M.D. Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA
1999-2000 George Chow, M.D. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
2000-2001 Sanjay Ramakumar, M.D. University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
2001-2002 Thomas Hsu, M.D. Stanford University, Stanford, CA
2002-2004 Sam B. Bhayani, M.D. Washington University, St. Louis, MO
2003-2005 Richard E. Link, M.D., Ph.D. Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
2004-2006 Andrew Wagner, M.D. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA
2005-2006 Aaron Sulman, M.D. Community practice in Wisconsin
2006-2007 Adam Levinson, M.D. Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
2009-2010 Jared Berkowitz, M.D. Community practice in Maryland
2010-2012 Elias Hyams, M.D. Columbia University, New York, NY
2012-2014 Gautam Jayram, M.D. Community practice in Tennessee
2014-2015 Jeffrey Mullins, M.D. Community practice in Tennessee
2015-2017 Justin Ziemba, M.D. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
2017-2018 Michael Gorin, M.D. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD



Contact Name Program Director: Brian R. Matlaga, M.D.
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Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
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Co-Director: Mohamad E. Allaf, M.D.

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