Tulane University Medical Center- Department Of Urology

Title Tulane University Medical Center- Department Of Urology
Categories Fellowships
Location New Orleans, LA
Job Information

Duration: 2 years. 1 – clinical and 1 lab time
Assignment: Primary base = Tulane University School of Medicine

Fellowship starts August 1st and completes July 31st two-years later.

Annual number of procedures by category are as follows:

Percutaneous procedures 75
Ureteroscopic procedures 126
ESWL procedures 150
Laparoscopic procedures 165
Robotic procedures 110

Previous Graduates

2000-2001  Gilberto Ruiz-Deya, M.D.

2001-2002  Yousef Tadros, M.D.

2002-2003  Ruben Urena, M.D.

2003-2004  Freddy Mendez, M.D.

2004-2005  Scott Burgess, M.D.

2005-2006  Benjamin Lowentritt, M.D.

2006-2007  Michael Woods, M.D.

2007-2009  Ugur Boylu, M.D.

2009-2010  Sarah Conley, M.D.

2010-2012  Janet Colli, M.D.

2012-2013  Benjamin Woodson, M.D.

2013-2015  Michael Maddox, M.D.

Lab Facilities: The department houses two full-service laboratories with 2,030 square feet and 230 linear feet of bench space available. Tulane’s School of Medicine has a vivarium animal laboratory that the fellow will have complete access to. The fellow will determine the type of animal procedure/demonstration that the residents and fellow will do that year.

Supervisor: Fellowship Program Director: Raju Thomas, M.D., 2 Ph.D.s available – Dr. Suresh C. Sikka and Dr. Abdel Asim-Mageed

Housing: On-campus housing is available adjacent to the hospital, however candidate are free to stay at housing of their choice.

Night Call: The fellow is appointed as junior faculty at the level of an “clinical instructor” in the department of urology. This will enable the applicants to develop his/her level of independence. Moreover, the applicant can also see patients individually, though under the supervision of the Director. On call is shared with other full-time faculty members.


Contact Name Raju Thomas, M.D.
Contact Email rthomas@tulane.edu, drobert@tulane.edu
Website http://tulane.edu/som/departments/urology/fellowship.cfm
Region North America
Job Address

Tulane University Medical Center – Department Of Urology
1430 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70001

Country US
Phone 504-988-2794
Fax 504-988-5059