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Description of Program
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Endourology/Laparoscopic Urology Fellowship Program is a two-year program and will be accepting applications for the position in the spring. The program will involve a year of research opportunities with some clinical responsibilities. This first year is under the supervision of Dr Michael Ost. The second year is primarily clinical with Drs. Averch and Jackman, but will continue to involve participation in clinical and animal research. During the course of the fellowship, the fellow will function at the level of an attending in clinical practice with the title of Instructor in Urology. The entire realm of endourology will be covered from endourologic management of complex stone and soft tissue disease, percutaneous management of urologic diseases, to laparoscopy and robotic assisted procedures of all urological solid organs, including reconstructive techniques. Five DaVinci robots are clinically available. Additional faculty available during the fellowship will be Dr. Michelle Jo Semins. Our fellows have won the Endourology Society Basic Science Essay two years in a row, 2013 and 2014.

Bench space and animal lab facilities

The Department of Urology has 12,500 sq. ft. of laboratory space. A large animal facility is also available with a full complement of equipment and staff.

Availability of Ph.D. to supervise research.
Nine Ph.D.’s are currently within the Department.

On campus housing: ?No

Whether fellows take call at night. Yes, rotating with the rest of the faculty, currently 1 in 12.



Procedures Volume Year
Percutaneous procedures 100
Ureteroscopic procedures 150
Shock wave lithotripsy 40
Laparoscopic and Robotic procedures 110


Past Fellows

Year Name Residency Post-Fellowship
2003-2003 David Cuellar, M.D. Maryland Private practice Austin, TX
2003-2004 Bradley Rosenberg, M.D. Wayne St Beaumont, Detroit, MI
2004-2005 Omar Durrani, M.D. Lahey Private practice, Houston, TX
2005-2006 Daniel Ricchiuti, M.D. NEOUCOM NEOUCOM, Akron, OH
2006-2007 Benjamin Stockton, M.D
  1. Chicago
Private practice, St. Joseph, MI
2007-2008 Alice Tsao, M.D. Mayo Private practice, Baltimore, MD
2008-2009 Tina Schuster, D.O. Michigan St Michigan St, Detroit, MI
2009-2010 Kevan Sternberg, M.D. Buffalo Private practice, Buffalo, NY
2009-2011 Khaled Shahrour, M.D. Montreal University of Toledo
2010- 2013  Julie Riley, M.D     Missouri University of New Mexico
2011-2014 Yaniv Shilo, M.D. Assaf-Harofeh Medical Center  Israel UPMC
2014-2015 John Lynam, D.O Chicago College of OM
2014-2016 Illan Kafka, M.D. Sapir Medical Center, Israel
2015-2017 Hassan Taan, M.D. American University, Beruit Lebanon




Contact Name Stephen V. Jackman, M.D.
Region North America
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University of Pittsburgh
Department of Urology
Kaufman Bldg., Ste. 700
3471 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Country US
Phone 412-692-4094
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