Endourology Society Scholarship Opportunities

The Endourology Society is pleased to announce the following recipients of this year’s 2016 Summer Student Scholarships.

2016 Summer Student Scholarships

  • Brandon Garry-Raymond Harvey

    Investigators: Drs. Jeremy Burton and Hassan Razvi
    Program Site: Lawson Health Research Institute
    Research Project: “Identifying the Role of DM Microbiota in Stone Formation and Final Analysis”
  • Simone Lucia Vernez

    Investigator: Dr. Jaime Landman
    Program Site: University of California, Irvine, Department of Urology
    Research Project: “Precise Characterization and Three-Dimensional Image Reconstruction of the Autonomic Nerve Distribution of the Human Ureter”
  • Laura Elizabeth Watson

    Investigator: Mr. Anup Patel
    Program Site: Royal London Hospital (Whitechapel, London)
    Research Project: “An Independent Retrospective Review of Ureteric Strictures Management with Metallic Stents in a Tertiary Referral Centre”
  • Ahmed Khaled Sabry

    Investigator: Dr. Mohamed Etafy
    Program Site: AlAzhar School of Medicine (Egypt)
    Research Project: “Simple Technique for Needle Adjustment During Laparoscopic Suturing”

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Apply for Summer Scholarship

The Endourology Society will be accepting applications for it’s 2017 Summer Student Scholarship beginning in September of 2016. This scholarship is designed to provide medical students with an interest in Urology with a summer research opportunity so they may gain exposure to Urology and Endourology.

The Executive Committee of the Endourology Society will select three (3) individuals for the 2017 Summer Student Scholarship. One individual will be selected from the U.S., one from Asia and one from Europe. All interested students are encouraged to apply.

Complete and submit the Summer Scholarship Application

The application deadline for the 2017 summer program is Monday, January 9th, 2017. For more information you may contact:

Michele Paoli
Executive Director
Endourology Society
New York Section, AUA
Tel: 516-520-1224
Fax: 516-520-1225
Email: michelelij@aol.com