Summer Student

The Summer Student scholarship provide medical students with an interest in urology with a summer research opportunity so they may gain exposure to urology and endourology.  The Executive Committee of the Endourology Society will select up to ten (10) individuals for the 2024 Summer Student Scholarship. All interested students are encouraged to apply.

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UrologyCare Foundation Scholarships

The Endourological Society partnered with the Urology Care Foundation to create three Research Scholar Awards: the Endourological Society Award; the Endourological Society Raju Thomas, MD Award; and the Joseph Segura Scholarship in Endourology and Stone Management.

These awards provide funding for one- or two-year mentored research training for clinical and postdoctoral fellows and early-career faculty. Applicants must be able to commit no less than 50 percent (for MD applicants) or 70 percent (for PhD applicants) of their time to research. The awards are restricted to minimally-invasive endourology topics and international applicants are eligible to apply. For more information, click the button below:

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International Traveling Scholarship

Young Urologist society members from around the world can receive a $4,000 travel scholarship to participate in a one month observership at leading training institutions. Recipients can either participate in academic observerships, where the most qualified applicants from academic centers will be selected, or clinical observerships, by urologists working in underserved locations or countries where the practice of urology is not well developed.

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