Episode #51: Prostate Focal Therapy

Super User October 2022
In episode Fifty-One, Prostate Focal Therapy, Drs. Schwartz and Polascik will discuss the current status of prostate focal therapy and where it lies in the treatment options of prostate cancer treatments.

Episode #50: How Do We Image and Measure Renal Stones?

Super User September 2022
In episode Fifty, How Do We Image and Measure Renal Stones?, Drs. Schwartz and Large discuss how Imaging and measurement of stone disease is crucial when deciding on appropriate treatment modalities. While the AUA and EAU Guidelines are available to everyone, technology sometimes moves faster than updates to these guidelines. Dr. Large reviews some of his advances in stone treatments while adhering to the Guidelines but perhaps “pushing the envelope” in caring for his patients

Episode #49: The Current Role of Robotics in Endourology

Super User August 2022
In episode forty-nine, The Current Role of Robotics in Endourology, Drs. Schwartz and Rassweiler discuss how, with the vast interest in robotic urologic surgery, there has been a similar interest in robotic ureteroscopy. In this episode they explore the current role of robotics in endourology.

Episode #48: What’s New in Metabolic Evaluations for Stone Prevention

Super User July 2022
In episode forty-eight, What’s New in Metabolic Evaluations for Stone Prevention, Drs. Schwartz and Best discuss how, for many years, the 24-hour urine and serum studies have been the staple for metabolic stone disease. There may be new options for both patient and physician in this difficult area of prevention.