Ep. #42: The Role of Robotics in Lower Urinary Tract Reconstruction with a Focus on Female Disorders

Super User November 2021
Robotic surgery is commonplace for extirpative surgery. In episode forty-two, we learn some of the applications for reconstruction with a focus on female disorders.

Episode #3: Experience with Jelmyto

Super User September 2021
In Episode 3, experts discuss the utility of antegrade instillation of Jelmyto as a viable option, which may reduce adverse effects associated with repeated instrumentation of the ureter. The urologist should be cognizant of tumor location, as this may impact placement of the nephrostomy tube and subsequent efficacy of treatment. Episode #3 delves into these treatment considerations.

Episode #41: Dual Lumen URS

Super User September 2021
In episode forty-one, Dual Lumen URS, Dr. Jaime Landman shares his experience with the Wolf Dual Lumen Cobra flexible Ureteroscope and some insights on disposable technology.

Episode #2: Meeting the Unmet Need in LG IR-NMIBC

Super User September 2021
In Episode 2, doctors examine how effectively managing both low and intermediate risk NMIBC continues to evolve. Given both the global BCG shortage as well as the unmet need for more effective therapies, innovative strategies and trials are required to enhance our patient’s clinical outcomes as well as to decrease the well described morbidity and costs associated with current NMIBC therapies.