Episode #27: Practical Insights into Metabolic Stone Disease

Jodi Antonelli July 2020
In this episode of the podcast series, Dr. Jodi Antonelli will share her approaches to commonly encountered issues in the management of metabolic stone disease. These insights will highlight ways in which patients with both simple as well as more complex metabolic stone disease may be managed.

Episode #26: Supine PCNL – How I Learned It and How I Do It

Brian Matlaga June 2020
In this conversation with Dr. Brian Matlaga, Dr. Brian Eisner shares what inspired him to develop supine PCNL as a part of his practice. He will review how he learned to perform supine PCNL, his present treatment protocols, as well as advanced techniques.

Episode #25: Fluid Management Systems for Ureteroscopy

Brian Matlaga May 2020
In this conversation with Dr. Brian Matlaga, Dr. Michael Lipkin will provide his insights into the considerations of fluid management during stone treatment and also review platforms available to address this consideration.

Episode #24: HoLEP - Is It the Gold Standard?

Amy Krambeck April 2020
In this episode Dr. Amy Krambeck and Dr. Brian Matlaga discuss how and why to implement HoLEP into your surgical practice.