Episode #63: Robotic cystectomy: pros and cons

Super User January 2024
This episode we discuss with Dr. Guru the advantages and disadvantages of robotic cystectomy. Several pearls regarding this procedure are also discussed.

Episode #62: Focal therapy, the new kids on the block: TULSA PRO and electroporation therapy

Super User December 2023
In this episode, Drs Chin and Fainberg describe the technology and current status of two new exciting focal therapy treatments for prostate cancer.

Episode #61: Difficult situations in stone disease: how experts approach them

Super User October 2023
In this podcast we explore difficult situations in stone disease and how to approach them. Conditions such as calyceal diverticula, horseshoe kidney, pelvic kidney and more.

Episode #60: Robotic Surgery for Benign Conditions

Super User July 2023
The robotic platform is well known for its use in surgery for malignant conditions. This episode we have a panel discussion on operating for benign conditions of the genitourinary system.