Episode #30: Where Are We With Minimally Invasive Office Procedures?

Super User January 2021
Office procedures are becoming more common especially during the Covid pandemic. Dr. Knudson will discuss the current status of in-office urology procedures and how to fit them into daily practice.

Episode #29: Dealing with Covid-19 in New York City - A Urologist Perspective

Super User December 2020
The current pandemic has touched everyone a little differently. In this podcast we hear the perspectives of a urologist working at ground zero during the New York City crisis and how he and his department managed during these challenging times.

Episode #28: New Insights into Ureteral Stents

Dirk Lange September 2020
In this podcast Dr. Dirk Lange will discuss some of the challenges that are faced in stent design, and what potential solutions may be for these common issues.

Episode #27: Practical Insights into Metabolic Stone Disease

Jodi Antonelli July 2020
In this episode of the podcast series, Dr. Jodi Antonelli will share her approaches to commonly encountered issues in the management of metabolic stone disease. These insights will highlight ways in which patients with both simple as well as more complex metabolic stone disease may be managed.