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Episode #49: The Current Role of Robotics in Endourology

Endourological Society August 2022
In episode forty-nine, The Current Role of Robotics in Endourology, Drs. Schwartz and Rassweiler discuss how, with the vast interest in robotic urologic surgery, there has been a similar interest in robotic ureteroscopy. In this episode they explore the current role of robotics in endourology.

Episode #48: What’s New in Metabolic Evaluations for Stone Prevention

Endourological Society July 2022
In episode forty-eight, What’s New in Metabolic Evaluations for Stone Prevention, Drs. Schwartz and Best discuss how, for many years, the 24-hour urine and serum studies have been the staple for metabolic stone disease. There may be new options for both patient and physician in this difficult area of prevention.

Episode #47: An Update on Disposable Ureteroscopes

Endourological Society June 2022
In episode forty-seven, An Update on Disposable Ureteroscopes, Drs. Schwartz and Monga discuss how the use of disposable scopes in the operating room is growing as are the number of companies manufacturing them. Dr. Monga brings some clarity to a confusing landscape and lends insight on the technology that is permeating urology.

Episode #46: What’s New in Prostate Imaging?

Endourological Society May 2022
As the field of prostate cancer treatment accelerates so does the area of prostate imaging. In episode forty-six, What’s New in Prostate Imaging, Dr. Michael Gorin gives a very nice summary of what is new and what lies in the future for imaging the prostate. He also touches on the current state on prostate biopsy and how imaging is integrated in this area.