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Endourological Society Newsletter

Endourological Society Report from the Secretary General 

December 2021

Adrian Joyce, M.D.
Margaret Pearle, M.D.
Jorge Gutierrez-Aceves, M.D.
Secretary General
Li-Ming Su, M.D.
Chandru Sundaram, M.D.
Director of Education
Brian Matlaga, M.D.
Associate Director of Education
Bradley Schwartz, D.O.
Research Chair
Ben Chew, M.D.

Board of Directors
Norberto Bernardo, M.D.
Jeffrey Cadeddu, M.D.
Tomonori Habuchi, M.D.
Guido Giusti, M.D.
Nicole Miller, M.D.
Olivier Traxer M.D.
Jean Joseph, M.D.
Jihad Kaouk, M.D.
Seung Hyun Jeon, M.D.
Anthony Ng, M.D.
Abhay Ranc, M.D.
Hassan Razvi, M.D.
Christopher Netsch, M.D.

Stephen Nakada, M.D.
Founding President
Arthur Smith, M.D.
Journal of Endourology Editor Jaime Landman, M.D.
Video Urology Editor
Mantu Gupta, M.D.

Subgroup Leaders
Ben Chew, M.D. (CROES)
Ashutosh Tewan, M.D. (SURS)
Esteban Emiliani, M.D. & Clint Bahler, M.D (Young Endourologists)
Lee Richstone, M.D. (E&U)
Dirk Lange, M.D. (Urological Stents)

Executive Director
Michele Paoli
[email protected]

Message From The President

Adrian Joyce M.D.

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great honour and privilege to serve as the new President of the Endourological Society, following in the hallowed footsteps of Jorge Gutierrez-Aceves and Glenn Preminger. I have to thank Jorge and before him Glenn for their significant contributions to the Society at a very difficult time in our history with the pandemic. Similarly, one must recognize the enormous sacrifice and efforts of Prof Andreas Gross who tried diligently to have the WCET meeting in Hamburg this year but in the end was beaten by the system.

In the last year we have said fond farewell to our conference organisers, Urology Management Services under the leadership of Janet Skorepa and Leslie Hettenbach, as they wished to go in a different direction and we welcome Sue Holle and Mike Whittington as our new conference organisers. They are well known in Urological Circles as great conference organisers and have had to hit the ground running with our plans for the 2022 meeting in Seoul. We are very appreciative of their support and plans at this difficult moment in time.

The aim of Endourological Society is to improve the lives of patients with both benign and malignant urological conditions by reducing the morbidity of invasive treatments through novel technology, innovative techniques, and non-invasive medical management relevant to our discipline. These aims can be achieved by the promotion of successful scientific dialogue amongst urologists worldwide through the format of international meetings, circulation of scientific literature, innovative research and surgical skills training courses.

These aims would not be possible without the support and contributions from you the members and for the expertise and advice that we have in our Executive Committee under the able leadership of Secretary General – Li-Ming Su, assisted by the legend that is Peggy Pearle who stays on as President-Elect for one year. Peggy was a tremendous Secretary for the Society and it is a tribute to her corporate knowledge of all things Endourology that the Society is and continues to be, the dynamic force in our specialty.

The implications of the current pandemic have forced many Urological Societies to re-evaluate their aims and ambitions in a time when we have a reduced ability to meet face to face and share those novel techniques and innovative ideas which could have a huge benefit to patients. However, we continue to be proactive and the Society has to recognise the incredible contributions of our Society Treasurer - Chandru Sundaram, in keeping us on a stable financial footing and for the ideas and innovations of our Director of Education – Brian Matlaga, Brad Schwartz the Associate Director of education and Research Chair - Ben Chew. They remain committed to expanding our educational and research profile by promoting cutting edge research of new and innovative technologies whilst looking to new sources of funding through working to enhance our industry partnerships.

We are committed to ensuring that the Society meets the highest standards of Diversity and Inclusivity and I am very grateful to the taskforce that took on this review for the Society earlier this year which has highlighted several areas where we can make significant improvements going forward and my commitment is to give them every support to fulfil this process for the Society.  

Endourology has evolved enormously over the last 30 years and the Society is very honoured to have the Society of Urologic Robotic surgeons (SURS), the Focal Therapy Society and the Engineering and Urology Society as part of the Endourology Society portfolio, thus covering all facets of our subspecialty.

As President I remain thoroughly committed to the continuing success of the Society and am invigorated to further expand the reach of the Society through education, research, and training opportunities which will all benefit our patients. 

Finally, I wish you and your family warm wishes for a joyous holiday season and a very happy and healthy new year and look forward to welcoming you all to Seoul in September – a meeting which I promise is not to be missed !!

Adrian D Joyce, M.D.