Episode #60: Robotic Surgery for Benign Conditions

Super User July 2023
The robotic platform is well known for its use in surgery for malignant conditions. This episode we have a panel discussion on operating for benign conditions of the genitourinary system.

Episode #59: Education session: Learning prostate enucleation & how to sustain a successful program?

Super User July 2023
Prostate Enucleation is becoming a necessary procedure to offer patients because of its efficacy and safety. However, how do we start a program and once learned, maintain the skills necessary to maintain proficiency? These experts offer insight as to how to accomplish a successful enucleation program.

Episode #58: Endourology Sessions Summary at the AUA 2023

Super User June 2023
In episode Fifty-eight, Dr. Canvasser summarizes the take home messages from the Endourology sessions at the AUA 2023 in Chicago.

Episode #57: Single-use scopes: Philosophy, policy, and procedure

Super User May 2023
In episode Fifty-seven, Single-use scopes: Philosophy, policy, and procedure, Single-use technology, especially in the form of urologic endoscopes, has exploded in the last five years. Dr. Koo shares his experiences and opinions on the use, misuse, and new policies regarding the billing.