2023 Scholarship Recipients

The Endourology Society is pleased to announce the following recipients of this year's 2023 Travel Scholarships.

  • Dr. Ugbede Emmanuel Oyibo

    Sokoto State, Nigeria

    Program Directors:
    Dr. Jihad Kaouk and Dr. Sriharan Sivelingam
    Program Site:
    Cleveland Clinic
  • Dr. Nasir Oyelowo

    Kaduna, Nigeria

    Program Directors:
    Dr. Tom Chi and Dr. Marshall Stoller
    Program Site:
    University of California, San Francisco
  • Dr. Chinnakhet Ketsuwan

    Bangkok, Thailand

    Program Directors:
    Dr. Khurshid Ghani and Dr. Casey Dauw
    Program Site:
    University of Michigan
  • Dr. Atsushi Ikeda

    Ibaraki, Japan

    Program Director:
    Dr. Joseph Liao
    Program Site:
    Stanford University
    Program Director:
    Dr. Brian Matlaga
    Program Site:
    Johns Hopkins University


2020 Scholarship Recipients

The Endourology Society is pleased to announce the following recipients of this year’s 2020 Travel Scholarships.

  • Dr. Musliu Adetola Tolani

    Kaduna State, Nigeria

    Program Director:
    Dr. Li-Ming Su and Dr. Vincent Bird
    University of Florida
  • Dr.Natchagande Gilles

    Republic of Benin

    Program Director:
    Dr. Evangelos Liatsikos
    Program Site:
    University of Patras Medical School
  • Dr. Kazumi Taguchi

    Nagoya, Japan

    Program Director:
    Dr. Ben Chew
    Program Site:
    The Stone Centre at Vancouver General Hospital
    Research Project:
  • Dr. Yasser Noureldin

    Kalyobiya, Egypt

    Program Director:
    Dr. Olivier Traxer
    Program Site:
    Tenon Hospital
    Overview Report:


2019 Scholarship Recipients

The Endourology Society is pleased to announce the following recipients of this year’s 2019 Travel Scholarships.

  • Dr. Thanh-Tuan Nguyen

    Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    Program Director:
    Dr. David Lee
    University of Pennsylvania, Philidelphia PA
  • Dr. Anyadike Chinedu Clinton

    Lagos, Nigeria

    Program Director:
    Dr. Stephen Pautler and Dr. John Denstedt
    Program Site:
    Western University, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr. Rahul Janak Sinha

    Lucknow, India

    Program Director:
    Dr. Lorenzo DiFidio
    Program Site:
    Cristo Re Hospital – Rome, Italy
    Research Project:


2018 Scholarship Recipients

  • Dr. Widi Atmoko

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Program Director:
    Dr. Michael Ferrandino and Dr. Glenn Preminger
    Cleveland Clinic &
    Duke University Medical Center
  • Dr. Emmanuel Muhawenimana

    Kigali, Rwanda

    Program Director:
    Dr. John Denstedt
    Program Site:
    St. Joseph’s Hospital, Western University
  • Dr. Ezenwa Ekene Victor

    Benin City, Nigeria

    Program Directors:
    Dr. Margaret Pearle and Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu
    Program Site:
    University of Texas Southwestern
  • Dr. Abhishek Singh

    Nadiad, India

    Program Director:
    Dr. Vipul Patel & Dr. Inderbir Gill
    Program Site:
    Global Robotics Advent Health &
    Keck Hospital of University of Southern California
    Research Project:


Program Description and Application

There are numerous young urologists around the world who have not been exposed to the advances in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Countries without advanced urologic training could benefit from an observership.

Urologists from countries with well-developed training systems will also benefit from exposure to recent urologic advances, and to the organization of urology in other countries. It would also result in a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and building relationships in the world of Endourology.

This scholarship will increase the impact of the Endourological Society among urologists worldwide. It will be an added benefit for the Society’s membership.

As such, two types of observerships are offered:

  1. Academic Observership, where the most qualified applicants from academic centers will be selected
  2. Clinical Observership, by urologists working in underserved locations/countries, where the practice of urology is not well developed

There will be two academic and two clinical scholarships, each year.

Each scholarship will be valued at $4000: $1500 for travel and $2500 for expenses for 30 days.

Scholarships will be offered for Endourological Society members, to visit international centers for a month. 15 days each at two centers would also be acceptable. The selected urologist can only visit centers with Endourological Society recognized fellowships. This requirement will add value and recognition for fellowships that are recognized by the Society. Urologists can focus on their area of expertise, provided it is related to minimally invasive urology. The scholar must travel to centers in a continent that is different from his/her home continent.

The selected urologist must submit a report to the Society detailing his/her experience, benefits, and suggestions for improvement of the program if any. $2500 will be paid to each selected urologist after selection. The remaining funds will be paid after satisfactory completion of the observership and receipt of the completion report from the urologist and the host fellowship director.

Eligibility/Selection Criteria:

The scholarship is intended for applicants within 10 years of completion of urologic training and active Endourological Society members.


  • Involved with training of residents
  • Research in Endourology
  • Service to regional, national and international urologic societies


  • Busy clinical practice
  • Service to underserved areas/population
  • Service to regional, national and international urologic societies or community service
  • Urologists from countries classified by the World Bank as low income and lower middle-income economies will be preferred.

Selection Process:

The scholarships will be announced by email to all Society members and via the website. Each member of the fellowship committee will review all applications. The Executive Director will receive the scores and the top 4 candidates in each category will be chosen based on the total score. The Executive Committee will select 2 urologists each for the clinical and academic categories.

Application Process:

The deadline to submit your application is January 23rd, 2024 and should include the following documentation:

  • 500-word personal statement on the candidate’s qualifications and how he/she will utilize the experience upon return to his/her home country.
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • Photo
  • CV
  • Download and complete Application form

Download International Traveling Scholarship Application

Completed applications should be emailed to Michele Paoli in the Endourology Society office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recipient(s) will be notified of the award within 3 months of submitting their application.

Sincerely, Tom Chi, M.D. Chair, Fellowship Committee