The Endourological Society Headquarters, Seaford, NY

The Endourological Society is pleased to announce the launch of an updated website,

The new website features a powerful member directory, “MyEndo,” connecting its members from all around the world.  It enables members to create a personal profile showcasing their research, expertise, social profiles, and personal information.

 Additionally, members can private message each other to connect traveling patients with other minimally invasive specialists, projects, or reach out to each other for aid in handling challenging cases.

The website continues to feature digital access to all three of the Society’s journals: the Journal of Endourology, Endourology Case Reports, and the Journal of VideoUrology.

Featured Content, Fellowships, Education and Research

The website acts as an umbrella for all of the society’s digital efforts, including:

  • Curated content from the best articles in each issue of the journal displayed on the home page each month.
  • Clinical fellowships that are searchable by medical residents based on a variety of criteria.
  • The popular Endourology Sound Bites podcast, featuring Dr. Brian Matlaga interviewing experts across the field of minimally invasive urology.
  • Listing the TOWER Research team projects and functionality to accept new TOWER team members and research projects.   The TOWER team is chaired by Dr. Ben Chew, Dr. Zhamshid Okhunov, and Dr. Thomas Tailly.
  • Updates on current minimally invasive events from around the world, including regional training courses.

Easier Member Functionality and New Marketing Efforts

Beyond centralizing the society’s digital efforts, the new website enables:

  • Members to pay for and renew their membership dues online.
  • Opt-in newsletter functionality for visitors who can opt-in to the society’s email list in exchange for access to the current month’s curated articles.
  • Automated new member onboarding to improve new members experience with the society through a drip email campaign.
  • Individualized membership offers to speak to the different needs of different kinds of members.
  • Personalized navigation options for logged in members and for general visitors.

Website Sponsorship Opportunities

The Endourological Society is currently accepting sponsorship applications from private companies that wish to support the society’s mission of innovation and collaboration by sponsoring the development of content and features for members on the website.

Inquiries can be directed to Michele Paoli, the Executive Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Journal of Endourology

Endourological Society members receive full online access to the Journal of Endourology, Endourology Case Reports, and the Journal of VideoUrology.