Endourological Society Newsletter

Endourological Society Report from the Secretary General August 2019

Jens Rassweiler, M.D.

Glenn Preminger, M.D.

Ali Riza Kural, M.D..

Secretary General
Margaret Pearle, M.D.

Chandru Sundaram, M.D.

Director of Education
Adrian Joyce, M.D.

Associate Director of Education
Brian Matlaga, M.D.

Research Chair
Ben Chew, M.D.

Board of Directors
Norberto Bernardo, M.D. Jeffrey Cadeddu, M.D. Tomonori Habuchi, M.D. Guido Giusti, M.D. Jorge Guiterrez, m.D. Evangelos Liatsikos, M.D. Jean Joseph, M.D. Ashok Hemal, M.D. Jian Huang, M.D. Anthony Ng, M.D. Abhay Rane, M.D. Hassan Razvi, M.D. Ralph Clayman, M.D.

Stephen Nakada, M.D.

Founding President
Arthur Smith, M.D.

Subgroup Leaders
Ben Chew, M.D. (CROES) Jihad Kaouk, M.D.. (SURS) Thomas Tailly, M.D. (Young Endourologists) Robert Sweet, M.D. (E&U) Dirk Lange, M.D. (Urological Stents)

Executive Director
Michele Paoli
[email protected]

Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well enjoying the summer. I am most delighted to serve this year as your President, and I am looking forward to our next World Congress of Endourology in Abu Dhabi starting on the 29th October until the 2nd November 2019. The organizing committee under the leadership of Yasser Farahat and our Secretary General Margaret Pearle has put an effort to provide a superb program focusing on all new aspects of Endourology and Robotics. I am also sure, that our friends and colleagues from Emirates Urological Society will overwhelm us with their unique hospitality.

The first day of WCE Abu Dhabi is dedicated to all our different National and International Endourological Societies indicating the worldwide importance and collaboration of our society. The following days provides a broad, program in endourology and robotics including exciting educational program. I must stress the correct decision to conduct a meeting of our society in this important region.

The Society is continuously thriving under the leadership of Margaret Pearle and the new treasurer Chandru Sundaram. This year at the AUA in Chicago, we took this opportunity to thank John Denstedt for his superb leadership this past decade.

Our educational initiatives are expanding nicely under the GEC leadership of Adrian Joyce. We have a worldwide reach now in hands on training. More importantly, we have taken advancing steps in robotics with upcoming Resident/Fellow Preceptorships and future SURS initiatives. I must thank the new SURS President Jihad Kaouk for his leadership in this area and excellent collaboration with the Board.

Finally, I must express my sincere gratitude to Michele Paoli and Deb Caridi for their steadfast support. I look forward to seeing many of you and spending time together in Abu Dhabi at our 37th WCE! The Society remains vibrant, and along with World Endo, research scholarships, and broad programs I am proud to say that the Society continues to move into new areas of endeavor and success.

See you all soon in Abu Dhabi

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Jens Rassweiler FRCS

Report from the
Secretary General

As summer moves into full swing, plans for the 37th World Congress of Endourology are nearly complete. The meeting will be held in partnership with the Emirates Urological Society in the enchanting city of Abu Dhabi, UAE, on October 29 - November 2, 2019. Led by Congress Co-Presidents Abdul Qadir Al Zarooni and Yasser Farahat, the meeting promises an exciting scientific program filled with state-of-the-art lectures, stimulating debates and an extensive semi-live surgery program. Featured lectures include new robotic platforms and instrumentation, new laser technology and artificial intelligence. Fall in the rich cultural center of Abu Dhabi brings lovely mild weather for kayaking in the mangrove forests or visiting local attractions like the spectacular Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum or the exquisite Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

The Awards Committee, chaired by Eduardo Mazzuchi, announced the winners of this year's awards, which will be presented at the President's Dinner in Abu Dhabi. This most deserving group of awardees includes John Denstedt who receives the Karl Storz Lifetime Achievement Award; Stephen Nakada the Ralph Clayman Mentor Award; Athanasios Papatsoris the Arthur Award and Shayna Martin from Cook Medical the Industry Award. Our hearty congratulations to these winners and a special thanks to Dr. Mazzucchi who served a two-year term as chair of the Awards Committee!

This year has already proven to be a productive one for the Society. Our global educational program plans 5 hands-on endourology courses, including 3 in China, 1 in Japan and 1 in Mexico. Led by the Director of Education, Adrian Joyce, these courses continue to expand the international footprint of the Society. On the robotic side, Jihad Kaouk, President of SURS, has initiated a series of robotic preceptorship programs in collaboration with Intuitive Surgical, that will provide intense hands-on robotic training for residents. These preceptorships will take place at 3 U.S. centers - The Ohio State University, Johns Hopkins Hospital and the University of California, Ivine and reflect the Society's continued efforts to advance robotic training.

This year, the Society partnered with ESUT (EAU Section of Uro-Technology) to sponsor and expand upon the highly successful TALENTS (Trans-Atlantic Endourology) meeting that was initially conceived and implemented by Manoj Monga and Olivier Traxer in 2018. With a goal of engaging young international endourology leaders and industry partners, this meeting provides a forum to discuss, debate and brainstorm over timely and controversial topics in endourology. This year, Professors Monga and Traxer again delivered a robust and lively meeting in Miami that comprised 68 endourologists representing 25 countries and 13 industry partners. Next year, ESUT will host this meeting in Milan (June 4th - 6th, 2020), with the intent of further diversifying international and industry representation.

The Endourological Society maintained a high profile at the AUA annual meeting this year in Chicago. The slate of award winners again included prominent members of our Society, including Arthur Smith who won the prestigious Ramon Guiteras Award, Robert Sweet who received a Distinguished Contribution Award and Stuart Wolf who was awarded a Presential Citation. We are proud of our members and their contributions to Urology as a whole. The Society has traditionally been represented at the AUA by the SURS meeting and the Engineering & Urology Society meeting. This year for the first time, we created an "Endourology Society Day", by which The E & U meeting was held in the morning and the SURS meeting in the afternoon, 'sandwiching' the Young Endourologists lunch program in between. Under the leadership of Jihad Kaouk, the SURS meeting presented new robotic platforms and innovative surgical techniques to a packed house. The E&E meeting, under the direction of co-chairs Jaime Landman and Zhamshid Okhunov, featured a lively panel on the challenges of translational processes and state-of-the-art talks on artificial intelligence and new technologies. The new format of our AUA showing provides for a jam-packed day of technology, innovation and surgical advances!

The Society continues to promote interest in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Surgery at all levels. Our summer student scholarship program encourages medical student involvement in research activities, last year funding 10 scholarships encompassing all aspects of our field. This year, with 24 applications, the interest in our program is growing. Our international traveling scholarship program also continues to thrive, with 4 scheduled observerships representing participants from Vietnam, Nigeria, Turkey and India. Through this program, we hope to inspire urologists with little experience in endourology to develop programs in their respective countries via exposure and mentorship.

In closing, I join President Rassweiler and the Society leadership in inviting you to join us in Abu Dhabi for another spectacular WCE!

Margaret S. Pearle, M.D., Ph.D.
Secretary General

2019 Honorary Members

Claude Abbou M.D.

Gopal Badlani, M.D.

Mahesh Desai, M.D.

2019 Endourology Society Awards

John Denstedt, M.D.>
Karl Storz Lifetime
Achievement Award

Stephen Nakada, M.D.
Ralph Clayman "Mentor" Award

Athanasios Paptsoris, M.D.
The "Arthur Award"

Shayna Martin
(Cook Medical)
Endourology Society
"Industry Award"


WorldEndo: Help us to make the Endourology Society truly GLOBAL!

The WorldEndo Initiative was initially established in 2010 to support the participation of urologists from countries that were unrepresented at the annual meeting.

The role of WorldEndo is now being expanded to contribute to education and training in underdeveloped countries, with the development of courses and other initiatives.

Through your philanthropy and ongoing support, our Endourology Society will continue to grow much to the benefit of urologists worldwide and the people seeking their care.

You can make a difference!!


Report of the Treasurer

As I complete my first year as treasurer in the Society, I recognize the outstanding job John Denstedt has done over the last decade as its treasurer. His foresight and planning resulted in significant financial growth that has enabled us to add several benefits. I will mention two of them:

1. The new and completely redesigned website has been possible due to countless hours of meetings and work by the website committee chaired by Brian Duty.

2. The International Traveling Scholarships have been very well received with over 20 well qualified applicants for 4 scholarships. There are several other such activities that I will not detail.

I am indebted to the financial committee members, Drs. Lee, Knudsen and Netsch for their advice and guidance.

The 2018 WCE in Paris was a grand success by all accounts, thanks to the leadership of Dr. Olivier Traxier and his team, Dr. Pearle and several others. Dr. Farahat and Alzarooni have been working very hard for what is promising to be a very educational and enjoyable WCE2019.

I am delighted that the new impact factor of the Journal of Endourology is now 2.267, which is a significant increase of 11%. This is the highest impact factor for our journal and one of the few urology journals whose impact factor increased this year. The journal remains very successful with 150,037 full-text downloads in 2018 and 49,367 in 2019 and 900 submissions in 2018. With its increasing growth and reputation, the journal publishes high quality articles with a rejection rate of 72%.

If I can be of any assistance please email me at [email protected]. Looking forward to seeing you in Abu Dhabi.

Chandru P. Sundaram, MD

The Endourological Society extends several privileges to its members:

  • Online access to Journal of Endourology and Part B, Videourology, Journal of Endourology Case Reports
  • Certificate of membership
  • Periodic notification of scientific meetings, essay contests, endourology and laparoscopy fellowship programs
  • Information regarding job opportuntities
  • Reduced registration fee at the WCE annual meetings

To learn more about the Endourological Society, please visit our website: endourology.org

Endourology Society
4100 Duff Place, Suite F
Seaford, NY 11783
Tel: 516-520-1224
Fax: 516-520-1225

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Chair of Research, Endourology Society

The Clinical Research Office of the Endourology Society (CROES) is continuing studies on IrReversible Electoporation (IRE) of prostate cancer and the studies will be closing soon. They are also doing a registry and follow-up of upper tract urothelial carcinoma. As a reminder, the previous CROES databases are still open to query if you have a research question. Please contact us.

The new research arm is the Team of Worldwide Endouorlogic Researchers (T.O.W.E.R.) and is found on our website at www.endourology.org. They are evaluating QOL studies between patients undergoing ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy and shockwave lithotripsy. They also have a Shockwave Lithotripsy database registry that is ongoing sponsored by STORZ. The last large study is a prospective registry looking at rates of success for patients with lower pole stones undergoing SWL, ureteroscopy, PCNL, and Mini-PCNL.

Please join us for a brainstorming and working group session at the WCE in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, October 29 from 9AM -12PM. Also, please contact myself if you are interested in spearheading any studies.

Ben H. Chew, MD
[email protected].ca

Endourological Society Global Initiative

This has been a very productive year for the Education team having conducted a 2 day joint Stone and Lap course in Monterrey, Mexico (See pic) in February, and 3 further courses are planned for later this year in China together with a joint course in Japan with the Japanese Endourological Society.

I am very grateful to Brad Schwartz for his help and enthusiasm in arranging the courses in China. This year the courses have been scheduled in Xian, Nanning and Wuhan. Brad has an extensive background in running courses in China and this has enabled us to deliver on our plans to reach a wider audience in that part of the world.

Prof Andreas Gross has also put together a curriculum for a BPH course and plans are well underway to introduce this into the 2020 programme.

There is no doubt that this is a competitive world but feedback from industry with regards to our programme is very positive, especially that our courses offer:

- Content to an approved curriculum tailored to local needs

- Our mantra of sustainability and the aim to provide a comprehensive education initiative is very welcome

- The expertise of our faculty

- The logistical support we offer

The Endourology Sound Bites programme is a podcast series featuring experts in the field is going from strength to strength. The series is brought to you by Brian Matlaga in conjunction with Richard Wolf Medical Instruments and I am very grateful to them for their support. You can listen to the entire podcast series from leading experts in Endourology through the website.

I am pleased to report that we have put together a comprehensive educational programme for the 37th WCE meeting in Abu Dhabi, at the end of October, with an extended number of courses and great faculty, so I seriously hope that delegates will take advantage of the opportunity to increase their knowledge and awareness which translates into better patient care.

Respectfully submitted,
Adrian Joyce, Chair of Education

Apply Now

2020 Summer Student Scholarship Applications Due:
Januarry 10th, 2020



2020 International Traveling Scholarship

There are numerous young urologists around the world who have not been exposed to the advances in Endourology and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Countries without advanced urologic training could benefit from an observership. Urologists from countries with well-developed training systems will also benefit from exposure to recent urologic advances, and to the organization of urology in other countries. It would also result in a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and building relationships in the world of Endourology.

This scholarship will increase the impact of the Endourological Society among urologists worldwide. It will be an added benefit for the Society's membership.

To learn more visit:

International Traveling Scholarship
The Endourological Society made it its mission to facilitate scientific dialogue among endourologists world wide and educate urologists and trainees on a global basis. Topics include ureteroscopy, stones, PCNL, BPH, upper and lower tract laparoscopy and robotic urological procedures.

Faculty from the Endourological Society will provide scientific expertise at the course which will feature a mix of didactic and skills laboratory sessions for a targeted audience of up to 50 participants.

For course details and to register, please visit: http://endourology.courses/

Society of Urological Robotic Surgeons (SURS)

Dear Colleagues and friends,

The Society of Robotic Urologic Surgery (SURS) continues to evolve rapidly as the leading society serving urologists interested in robotic surgery all over the globe. As the president of SURS, it is a great honor to give you a progress report on several projects we have been working on in the past six months.

Firstly, SURS leadership council continues to evolve. I am thrilled to report that Dr. Ash Tewari was elected to be the 2021-2023 President elect of SURS. We appreciate the outstanding participation of members during the voting process.

In addition, we have initiated a Urologic Residents and Fellows Preceptorship program in Robotic Surgery. Host sites are carefully selected with a track record of excellence in education and are geographically distributed around the nation. This year, the host sites include: Johns Hopkins University, Ohio State University, and University of California-Irvine. Each program was endorsed by the regional AUA section. This Preceptorship will include lectures, round table discussions, and hands-on labs.

Another initiative underway is SURS Master Classes in Robotic Surgery. These classes focus on teaching the latest techniques and outcomes in robotic urologic surgery to practicing urologists.

Lastly, We are excited to announce that the Endourology Society website (https://www.endourology.org/) received a major upgrade including the addition of links to SURS activities and featured events. Currently, we are in process of building an independent SURS website which is expected to go live in the next few months.

Thank you to all urologists, both learning and practicing robotic surgery for supporting your society, SURS.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of Society of Robotic Urologic Surgery,
Jihad Kaouk, M.D.
President, SURS

World Endo 2019

World Endo: Have you thought of being a part of it?

The World Endo has been a unique and laudable mission of the Endo urology society. Initial concept was to bring individuals to the meeting to expose them to the WCE. The ROI on this in the humanitarian measure is immense but in spreading the knowledge of Endourology and impact on patient care in remote area is difficult to measure.

The mission trips to LIMC (low and middle income countries) not only provide direct patient care by experts in the field, but also provide an opportunity for hands on training for the local surgeon, who with nurturing can start with basic procedures and advance by repeat visit to these centers by the teams.

Endo Urology society is uniquely endowed with experts from around the world who can enhance regional centers. Many members of society have participated in these trips. The society however has not yet adopted certain areas to help/organize a regional center of learning to realize this mission as well as measure ROI/outcomes of the effort.

The society has pledged funds to make this a reality. Our goal is to establish the 1st center by the end of this year.

We need

  1. Expert volunteers who can spend a minimum of two weeks
  2. Equipment for endoscopic cases (In good working condition)
  3. Monetary support for travel of residents/nursing and support staff
  4. Disposable, sterile endo urology accessories
Please ship/send to: Endourology Society, 4100 Duff Place, LL, Seaford, NY 11783

Gopal Badlani, MD
[email protected]

Traveling Scholarship

Report By Dr. Rahul Janak Sinha, Recipient of this year's Endourology Society International Travelling Scholarship Program at Cristo Re Hospital in Rome, Italy

I would like to thank the office bearers of the Endourological Society for giving me the opportunity to visit Christo Re Hospital, Rome, Italy for one month. I would also like to express my gratitude to the office bearers of the Endourology society for their vision and generosity which led to the creation of this scholarship which enables Urologists like me from third world countries to travel to higher centres to improve our knowledge in the field of Endourology. The purpose of my visit was to gain experience in the field of Endourology especially RIRS, Supine PCNL and laparoscopic Urology. I decided to stay at one centre only so that I could see a variety of cases over a period of time and also get the opportunity to interact with faculty members at that Institution.

I reached Rome in the morning of 27th May 2019; I was met warmly by Professor Defidio and I had a meeting with him regarding my schedule for the fellowship. Professor Defidio introduced me to his colleagues and informed me regarding the workings of his department. He also enquired regarding my field of interest in Urology and the focus of my visit. After that I was shown around so that I oriented with the department and the operation theatres.

Professor Defidio is a great teacher and keen to share his wisdom and wealth of experience with the younger urologists. Professor Defidio explains finer points of surgery while operating (tricks of the trade) which makes the surgical procedure easier and safer.

During laparoscopic adrenalectomy, Professor Defidio was keen to show the patient position, safe insertion of trocar and minimal dissection of Todd's fascia for better vision during hilar dissection.

While doing RIRS, Professor Defidio described all the steps in detail. Professor Defidio is very meticulous surgeon who keeps patient safety always first. Professor Defidio also emphasised on equipment safety and gave tips regarding care of flexible ureteroscope and tips and tricks during RIRS to ensure the longevity of flexible ureteroscope. I think this is very important learning point especially for Urologists from third world countries where resources are limited. Professor Defidio was keen to know what I imbibed in the theatre and would ask me the next day regarding the previous day surgery and discuss the finer points once again. This again reflects his commitment to teaching and imparting knowledge.

Since Christo Re Hospital is a referral centre for upper tract TCC; Professor Defidio showed his technique of RIRS in a patient suspected of harbouring upper tract TCC.

Apart from the above mentioned procedures, during my stay I saw Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty, TURP, TURB, semi-rigid ureteroscopy, open radical prostatectomy and open radical cystectomy.

Highlight of my visit was the opportunity to witness supine PCNL in modified Galdakao - Valdivia position. All PCNL at Christo Re Hospital is performed in supine position. The overall trend in Italy is towards supine PCNL which is different from India wherein >99% of PCNL is performed in prone position. Supine PCNL is an important adjunct in the management of kidney stones as some patients can only be managed in this position (those who are obese and/or have co-morbid conditions). It is safer for the patient as the patient is not moved much after anaesthesia.

During my visit I accompanied Professor Defidio on rounds in the department. Each post-operative patient was discussed in detail and plan was made for each patient. I got an opportunity to co-author a case report which has been submitted in Videourology for possible publication.

During my stay, Professor Defidio also enquired about my well being. Professor Defidio invited me for dinner at his house where I got to meet his lovely wife. Professor Defidio and Mrs Defidio were gracious host and treated me to Indian dishes.

I also participated in the 12th International course on Flexible Ureteroscopy and PCNL which is organised annually by Professor Defidio and Dr Anup Patel for last many years. I interacted with other Urologists from Italy and abroad and saw some interesting procedures during the workshop. My stay ended with the culmination of the course and I left for India with fond memories of my visit. I learnt a lot during my stay and I look forward to incorporating some of the procedures in my practice in India.

Acknowledgements: Once again I thank the Endourological Society for giving me this wonderful opportunity. A big thank you to Professor Lorenzo Defidio and his colleagues Dr Mauro De Domnicis, Dr Michele Antuonicci, Dr Nichola Russo, Dr Marchello and Dr Giorgia Tema for making my stay memorable and remarkable. I also thank all the staff in the operation theatre and the ward for being nice to me and cooperating with me.

Remarks: It was a great experience! I will incorporate some of the procedures in my daily practice in India. I am sure that I shall be a safer Urologist as patient safety is going to be of paramount importance to me.

Thanking you all once again,

Dr (Prof) Rahul Janak Sinha
MBBS, MS (Surgery), MCh (Urology), MAMS
Department of Urology
King George's Medical University,
Lucknow, India

Welcome to WCE, 2019, Abu Dhabi

Creating Connections - Building Bridges... Together

To Register visit: WCE2019

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, I'm delighted to invite all of you to Abu Dhabi for the 37th World Congress of Endourology 2019 (WCE 2019) held in conjunction with the 8th Emirates International Urological Conference (EUSC 2019), which is the annual conference of Emirates Urology Society, the local partner and the host for the congress.

It is a great pleasure and honour for Emirates Urology Society to host the 2019 edition of the WCE taking place from 29th October - 02 November 2019 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. With great pride we welcome you to Abu Dhabi where captivating culture, breath-taking luxury, exhilarating adventure and the warmth of Arabian hospitality awaits you.

The Scientific Committee has put together an excellent program, which features presentations from internationally renowned endourologists, laparoscopists, robotic-surgeons, and also renowned experts. There is something for everyone! The program consists of a variety of topics in different formats including plenary, breakouts, semi live surgeries, educational courses and industry symposiums, enabling a rich mix of cutting edge debates and updates on clinical matters. Moreover the state of art lectures on artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, 3D printing, robotic systems, Instrumentation, laser and imaging technologies will educate and prepare our fellow colleagues on latest technologies and innovation in our field.

WCE 2019 program is now live on the website along with EUSC 2019 program to be held on Nov 1 2019. Societies are also represented in the program with seven different regional specific tracks for participants to choose from. Please visit the official website WCE2019 to view the complete 2019 program.

The entire organizing committee is working hard to create an unforgettable experience for all the participants. From the opening reception to social events, there will be plenty of opportunity to interact and network with fellow colleagues. Registration for the meeting is open now and prime hotel rooms are available. Register and book your housing now at the official website.

I will also take this opportunity to urge all participants to plan your itinerary in such a way that you can take out sometime to explore our beautiful city. Experience the architectural prowess of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a stroll through cooling oasis, learn about the ancient sport of falconry, experience an adrenaline rush on the world's fastest roller coaster, or marvel at the history of an emirate dotted with ancient forts and historic sites - several of which have been listed as official UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Also experience the genuine feel of authentic Arabia while relaxing under the stars on a desert safari, playing golf on one of our championship-standard courses, or spending a fun day - and money - in one of our luxurious malls, you'll discover that Abu Dhabi is a genuine leisure heaven that will convince you to return again and again.

Look forward to welcome you all!

Abdulqadir Alzarooni
President of WCE 2019
Consulatant & HOD of Urology
SKGH, Umm Alquwain, UAE

Yasser Farahat
Co-President of WCE 2019
Professor of Urology
Consultant Endourology, SKGH, UAE

Website Committee Update

Dear Society Members,

I am pleased to announced the launch of the Endourological Society's new website (https://www.endourology.org). The site has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Besides having a fresh new look and more intuitive layout, the site has the following new features, which we believe will add substantial value for members...

- Featured articles selected by the Journals' editors on the landing page

- Access to educational videos and podcasts from leaders in the field

- Up to date listing of completed and ongoing endourology research trials

- Robust member profiles with the ability to directly message other members from around the world to facilitate clinical and research collaboration

- Ability to easily research fellowship opportunities for prospective applicants

These are a few of the many benefits the new site provides members. Over time more educational content and offerings will be added to the site. Please do not hesitate to contact the us with feedback.

Brian Duty, M.D.
Chair, Website Committee
[email protected]

2019 Endourology Society International Traveling Scholarship Recipients

Thanh-Tuan Nguyen
from Vietnam
Will visit:
"Penn Presbyterian Med. Ctr"

Anyadike Chinedu Clinton
from Lagos, Nigeria
Will visit:
"Western University"

Murat Akand
from Konya, Turkey
Will visit:
"Mayo Clinic, Rochester"

Rahul Janak Sinha
from Lucknow, India
Will visit:
"Cristo Re Hospital"

Journal of Endourology: Editorial Box

Ralph Clayman, M.D.
Arthur Smith, M.D.
John Denstedt, M.D.

"The Journal of Endourology continues to excel with our highest impact factor ever and over 1000 manuscript submissions a year. The Journal remains a leading venue for cutting edge endourologic and minimally invasive urologic research including robotics. The editors also encourage authors to submit ideas for high quality review articles on relevant topics".

We are pleased to highlight the "top read" and "top viewed" articles over the past few months in the Journal of Endourology and VideoUrology:

Journal of Endourology

Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy: A Step-by-Step Guide
Linda M. Huynh, and Thomas E. Ahlering

Procedural Module: Flexible Cystoscopy
Shoaib Safiullah, , Daniel J. Lama, , Roshan Patel, , and Ralph V. Clayman

Is It Safe and Effective to Treat Complex Renal Cysts by the Laparoscopic Approach?
Thome Pinheiro, Fabio Sepulveda, Ricardo H. Natalin, Esteban Metrebian, Rebecca Medina, Suzan M. Goldman, Valdemar Ortiz, and Cassio Andreoni

Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate
Marcelino E. Rivera, , James E. Lingeman, , and Amy E. Krambeck

Ejaculation-Preserving Transurethral Resection of Prostate and Bladder Neck: Short- and Long-Term Results of a New Innovative Resection Technique
Saladin Helmut Alloussi, , Christoph Lang, , Robert Eichel, , and Schahnaz Alloussi

Technique of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy
Ahmed Ibrahim, Daniel Wollin, Glenn Preminger, and Sero Andonian

Robot-Assisted Simple Prostatectomy
Ross Cockrell, Jeremy Bonzo, and David Lee

Robotic Sacral Colpopexy
Charles R. Powell, Isamu Tachibana, Bridget Eckrich, Jeffrey Rothenberg, and Jon Hathaway

Cost Comparison of Robotic, Laparoscopic, and Open Partial Nephrectomy
Saad A. Mir, Jeffrey A. Cadeddu, Joshua P. Sleeper, and Yair Lotan

Lower Extremity Neuropathies After Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy on a Split-Leg Table
Gokhan Koc, Ngii N. Tazeh, Fadi N. Joudi, Howard N. Winfield, Chad R. Tracy, and James A. Brown


Top Viewed

Endoscopic Management of Giant Bladder Stones: The Elegant Choice
Jin Yong, Kenneth Chen, Allen Sim

A Novel Fluoroscopic Puncture Technique for Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: "Precision with Low Radiation"
Braulio Manzo-Perez, Francisco Gomez-Regalado, Alejandro Figueroa-Garcia, Hector Sanchez-Lopez

Surgical Anatomy and Morphology of the External Urethral Sphincter Before and After Endoscopic Enucleation of the Prostate Measured by Transrectal Ultrasonography
Enrique Rijo, Vincent Misrai, Jose Maria Gil-Vernet, Benoit Peyronnet, Fernando Gomez-Sancha

Total Extraperitoneal Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: Step-by-Step Approach
Kenneth Chen, Xin Yan Yang, Karine Sim, Mahmood B. Mohammad, Kae Jack Tay, Allen Sim, John S.P. Yuen

Modified and Simple Single-Lobe (En Bloc) Technique for Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate: Our Experience with Short-Term Results
Ajay Bhandarkar, Vedant Lakhe, Dipen Patel

Right Laparoscopic Radical Nephrectomy: Step-by-Step
Rene Sotelo, David Canes

Ureteroscope-Guided Access Facilitates Percutaneous Resection of Renal Pelvis Tumor
Eric M. Lo, Samit D. Soni

Transurethral Enucleation and Resection of Prostate Made Easy
Jingzeng Du, Tze K. Ng, Kenneth Chen, Allen S.P. Sim, Keong T. Foo, John S.P. Yuen

Visual Dilatation Technique in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy: An Initial Clinical Experience
Arvind Kumar Shah, Anil Shrestha, Kewei Xu, Jian Huang

Thulium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate: Median Lobe Enucleation, Step by Step, for a Beginner Surgeon
Mohamed Omar